Why study at the Solvay Business School?

The Faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School has its roots in the founding of the Business Engineer programme by Ernest Solvay in 1903. A long tradition of integrating business education with technology was born then and still continues in all of its programmes. Highly skilled professionals with an excellent command of various languages and a good understanding of multiple cultures are needed in national and international public institutions and in multinational companies. As the capital of Europe, Brussels is the perfect setting in which to prepare yourself for such a job.

The VUB campus is known for its green oasis near the city center.

International focus

The courses are selected with a multicultural and multidisciplinary audience in mind. This implies that all courses have a broader international focus, meaning the programme prepares you for management positions in varied and complex international environments.

Each year, students of more than 50 different nationalities are interested in joining this master programme. Combined with the different study backgrounds, this creates a multicultural and multidisciplinary vibe.



Faculty of Social Sciences & Solvay Business School

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It's a full time evening programme designed to combine work and study.

Study - Work - Life in balance

As the MSc in Management is a one-year programme only taught during the evenings, it is easily accessible for professionals who want to combine work and studies. However, to preserve the best work-life balance, we have developed a number of attractive scenarios for spreading the preparatory and master program over more than one academic year. Your study counselor will help you in finding the option that would suit your personal situation best.

Consult the current timetables to have an idea of the impact on your work-life balance.

Academia meets industry

The Master of Science in Management offers Belgian and international students the skills and know-how needed for management positions in a wide range of industries as well as governmental and non-profit organisations. Professors from academia and industry teach you a range of transferable skills including analysis, communication, practicality, intellectual creativity, triple bottom line thinking, ethics and cross-cultural awareness. Particular attention is paid to concepts such as sustainability, economic intuition and vision, required as a foundation for modern management.

The preparatory programme (evening classes) is mandatory for all new students. It can be combined with the master in the same AY.

Programme structure

The preparatory programme is mandatory for all new students and can be combined with the master programme within the same academic year. All classes are taught during the evening hours between 5pm and 10pm. 

In the first weeks of the first semester, the focus lies on this preparatory programme. In high tempo, you will be welcomed in the world of accounting, finance, management, hrm, research methods, etc. In total you should complete 18 ECTS (if you already hold a masters degree) or 21 ECTS (all holders of bachelor degree). All exams of this preparatory programme take place in the first exam session (January).

The master programme consists of 60 ECTS and offers a wide view of the field of business and economics. The courses include Accounting, Finance, Informatics, Strategy, HRM, Marketing, Supply Chain Management and a Master thesis. There is a strong focus on developing analytical skills through a variety of courses providing interactive exercises and group works, such as business games.

Click on the study programme here below to end up on the programme content overview. If you click on the course title you end up on the course content sheet.


Take your time for the thesis

The MSc in Management programme will offer you the time, space and guidance needed to work on your master’s thesis. We schedule the second semester exams right after the spring break, which leaves the last few weeks of the academic year free of lectures. This should give you ample time to finalize your master’s thesis.

Learning outcomes

Learning outcomes describe the intended knowledge and understanding, skills and attitudes that you must master after completing your studies. Do you want to know more about the specific learning outcomes of this programme? Click here for more information.


Our MSc in Management programme is designed for students with (at least) an academic bachelor degree with only little to no prior study background in the field of business economics and/or management. If there is not too much overlap between what you studied before and what we offer in our Master programme, then you might be found eligible for it.



Candidates with a academic degree in the following study fields:

  • Business (Administration): BBA or MBA
  • Commerce
  • Management
  • Business Economics

Students holding such a degree have only little chance of being accepted. The admissions board could decide the student is overqualified to gain academic progress (too much study background in the related field). 



Good English language skills are an important prerequisite for successfully following the master. There are three ways to prove your proficiency:

Option A: send us one of the following language certificates proving your CEFR B2 level:

  • TOEFL (only the internet-based test is accepted): minimum level: 79
  • IELTS: minimum level academic module 6.5
  • Cambridge English: CAE grade B or CPE grade C (equivalent to the CEFR B2)
  • ITACE: minimum grade B2

Option B: having successfully completed secondary or higher education with English as language of instruction:

  • submit official proof of the language of instruction of your previous study;

Option C: having successfully completed Belgian secondary education

  • submit official proof that you completed a study in the Belgian educational system

Certificates and other proof of language tests may not pre-date the first enrolment by more than two years.


Since the screening process takes time, we advise you to submit your file as soon as possible.

  1. Submit your application request via this website before the deadline (see on top). Upload all requested documents. Enter all requested information.
  2. Your file will be reviewed (in 3 steps). This can take up several weeks. If we need more documents/information, you will be contacted by e-mail.
  3. If you are found eligible to join, you will receive a Conditional Letter of Acceptance.
  4. Enrol at VUB: before October 8th 2019

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Be informed

In today's world of information overload, almost all answers are "out there" online. To guide you through this jungle, we've listed some of the most relevant topics for new (international) students.

Tuition fees

Money well spent!

How to calculate your tuition fee?

Finance & scholarships

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How to finance your studies?

Housing facilities

Your new home

Where to stay during your study?


Your standard to-do-list

How to prepare your stay and study?

Administrative formalities?


What to do prior to your departure?

Questions regarding the programme?

Mail the programme coordinator


A master degree opens doors in many different branches and sectors. You will be able to work in the private sector, (non-) governmental organisations, or continue your academic career as a PhD researcher. Not sure what your next step should be? The VUB helps you with your first steps on the job market.

Take your career to the next level...

...In the political and economic heart of the EU

Studying Management in Brussels — a city boasting many political institutions and the European or global headquarters of multinational companies — opens up a world of opportunities for your career. The population of Brussels is cosmopolitan and multilingual, with the city being a political and economic decision-making centre. The MSc in Management has a very strong connection with those companies and organisations in Brussels: many master courses organise lectures by high-profile industry leaders from companies like Oracle and Toyota, who share their management wisdom with the students.

We are able to create an interaction between academia and experienced members of society and business, thanks to our University’s Fellowship programme. These are exceptional people such as top-level executive officers, visionary politicians or decision-makers. They organise guest lectures based on their expertise and competences, give guidance on master’s dissertations, provide research data and offer or support internships.

Although internships are not part of the programme, the international business context of Brussels offers many internship opportunities for non-working students. Our Career Centre helps them in their search for non-credited internships, with professional guidance.

Want to know more about our alumni?

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The VUB helps you to make your first step in the job market with workshops, networking events, job fairs, tips ‘n tricks for job interviews. All an ambitious student needs!

First step on the market


If you want to continue your academic career, you can apply for a PhD position at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel. All you need is a promoter, research subject and sufficient funding. Are you up for this challenge?

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